Thursday, February 22, 2018

Surprise me Lord

I pray for surprises. I'm not sure why or when I started asking God for them but I love it when he surprises me. Never in my life have those surprises meant as much as during this season. From the time Lawrence and I started this journey to just this week God has used these little surprises to remind me of his love and nearness. This is an excerpt from an article I read recently and it's so true. And thank you everyone for all those little surprises. They are wonderful!

Love shows up in unexpected ways.

 This is a mystifying pattern after trauma, particularly for those in broad community: some near-strangers reach out, some close friends fumble to express care. It’s natural for us to weigh expressions of love differently: a Hallmark card, while unsatisfying if received from a dear friend, can be deeply touching coming from an old acquaintance.

Ultimately every gesture of love, regardless of the sender, becomes a step along the way to healing. If there are beatitudes for trauma, I’d say the first is, “Blessed are those who give love to anyone in times of hurt, regardless of how recently they’ve talked or awkwardly reconnected or visited cross-country or ignored each other on the metro.” It may not look like what you’d request or expect, but there will be days when surprise love will be the sweetest.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Do you find yourself today in a place you may have never thought you would be? For some of us it's beyond our greatest expectations, for some the unthinkable has happened and for some we really aren't sure where we are or where we are going. No matter where you find yourself today remember it can be well with your soul. Put your hope in the one who is the lover of your soul. Psalm 62:5 Have a wonderful day friends!