Friday, January 13, 2023


One of the first things I remember learning as a new Christian was this. When you don't know what else to do, praise the Lord! God always seemed to give me an opportunity to practice the things I was learning and this was no exception. A friend and I decided to go to a big flea market not far from Fort Worth. Our kids were pretty young and the weather was nice and who doesn't love a good flea market. My youngest was 4 years old at the time and always very adventurous. It seemed as if it happened in a the blink of an eye that I couldn't see him. We looked all around, then started yelling his name but we could not find him anywhere. After what seemed like an eternity of searching knew I had to call the police. We didn't have cell phones at the time and I went out of the grounds to a convenience store across the street to call the police. The phone I called from was a pay phone located outside so I was standing in front of the store waiting for the police to arrive. I was beside myself, upset, crying and afraid when I remembered what my pastor said. When you don't know what to do, praise the Lord! So I did. I stood there with my hands raised, tears streaming down my face and started singing a worship song as loud as I could. You can just imagine what the customers going in and out of the store thought. When the officer arrived that's how he found me. I remember he told me, "Lady, I'm sorry to tell you this but your kid may be long gone by now." I said no sir, God is going to show us where he is! And you know what! God did just that. My friend who was praying asked the Lord to show her where Jared was and as soon as she said Amen she saw him. He was playing with some rabbits. The owner of the rabbits knew he was lost and told him just to sit there and play with the rabbits until his mom came. Maybe you have a situation today that you have no idea how to handle. May I suggest that you just start praising our awesome God? He will come to you. His word says he inhabits the praises of his people. He will give you peace and he will move in your situation! Have a wonderful day and remember He who is worthy loves you very much!