Thursday, December 30, 2021


 Six years ago I was living out a miracle. (My husband's lung transplant.) What I remember about that time is the peace that enveloped me. It wrapped around me as everything seemed to move 100 miles an hour and changed moment by moment. Life and death decisions were made in minutes with no time to think or pray. I had to rely on God completely, trusting him to guide my every step. I felt the force of the prayers of hundreds and hundreds of wonderful people. It was beyond what the mind can comprehend. To this day I remain in awe of God. There is not enough thankfulness, praise or love in the universe to lay at his feet. I have lived out a miracle and nothing, absolutely nothing can ever diminish the wonder of that experience. I believe Lawrence would agree. Our God is a God of miracles yesterday, today and forever! I have seen it with my own eyes!


Wednesday, December 29, 2021



The other day I saw a social media post that made me stop and think to myself, how can that be? You see this person was questioning her faith in God. Of course it was all about what others had done or said or what she perceived anyway. I wondered to myself, did she ever really even know my God, my Jesus! And it made me sad. Have you ever noticed that when you get to know someone, even the harshest, hardest person around, they really aren't all that bad? But that's an imperfect person, with lots of flaws and issues like we all have. But God! When you get to know him, experience his love that's a completely different matter. There are no words to describe his wonder, his goodness, his faithfulness and his perfect love for each one of us. Knowing God doesn't mean we won't know the troubles that are in this world but it does mean we will always have hope and love and acceptance and peace even in the midst of them. Listen y'all if I can experience this anyone can! It will change your life! It sure did mine! Have a great day y'all! You are GREATLY LOVED!

Tuesday, December 28, 2021


 Aren't you thankful God provides whatever we need? When Jesus was teaching the disciples how to pray what we call the Lord's prayer, part of that prayer was to ask God to give us our daily bread. How many times have we heard or maybe even said in the face of a great need or even a small one for that matter, I just don't know what I'm going to do? Well, I know what! We can pray! Jesus told us to ask because he knows if we ask God will answer! I hope this encourages you and builds your faith today to take a moment and ask for God's provision. He is waiting to hear from you! Know why? Because you are greatly loved! Have a blessed day everyone!