Friday, January 2, 2015

Reality Check for 2015

 The urban dictionary defines reality check as a statement or action that helps you see what is really happening or possible.  Some would call it a wake up call to get real, or confronting or acknowledging the facts about something and thus dispelling unrealistic notions.

Really? If you’ve known me for a while you’ve probably heard me say that I believe my purpose in life is give others hope. I love to say, if God can do the things He has done in my life there is no telling what He can do in yours. I am the first to tell you God had absolutely nothing to work with when He got me! I did not know one scripture and everything I believed about God, church and His people was wrong. If I were Him I might have thrown up my hands and declared this one is impossible. I am living proof there is hope for everyone!

I believe the promise that God has given me and you for 2015 is that He is going to turn Impossibilities into Realities.  We all have circumstances in our lives that look pretty much impossible. There is just no way, nothing we can do to turn them around. And guess what? Reality check is, that’s absolutely true. At least it’s true if you are trying to do it on your own. How do I know? Because the Bible tells me so!

Let’s start 2015 with a Reality Check, not defined by the urban dictionary but by God’s word. We can find this reality check in Matthew 19:26, Mark 10:27 and again in Luke 18:27. Wow do you think God was trying to make a point? Jesus speaking in these verses said, with men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

The reality is, with men or trying to do it on your own, yes it is impossible. But friends I have great news. We don’t have to do it alone! With God all things are possible. It’s a New Year and new Reality Check. With God those things that seem impossible are possible. God wants to turn your Impossibilities into Realities.

This is my New Year’s prayer for you, that in every situation you will take a reality check. Not according to the world’s definition but according to God’s truth. Go for the impossible in 2015. You are not alone!

Luke 1:37 - For with God nothing shall be impossible.

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