Thursday, July 23, 2020


If you are a parent you probably can't count the number of times you said to your child, now don't forget. Or if you are like me I'm constantly reminding myself, Sherry don't forget. These days I have to write it down or set the alarm on my phone to help me remember. Did you know God is saying to you, don't forget? In Psalm 103 he tells us that he loads us daily with benefits and then he reminds us not to forget them. Benefits are important. We accept job offers based on the benefits the company provides. Yet God's benefits are far greater than any employer could ever offer. Sure you might be let off the hook this time if you mess up at a job but God offers forgiveness for every failure. Your job might offer health insurance but God offers healing. And those are just a couple of the benefits he provides daily. God's benefits are not subject to approval by some benefit coordinator. If you know Jesus they are pre-approved! You just have to claim them. We do that by knowing them and receiving them. So this is a reminder, not to forget! You can find the section on benefits in your Bible. Psalm 103. You are greatly loved!

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