Saturday, January 1, 2022

HELLO 2022

 The story of 2021 is over, it's in the books. While thanking the Lord for all he did during the past year what struck me most is what a full year it's been! 2021 will certainly go down as a year filled with blessings, challenges and changes! There is so much to thank God for and so many great memories were made. Yet with all the wonderful memories there was loss, tears and great sadness that will remain through the coming years. What I know is this. Every moment was full of the presence, love, help and goodness of Christ. The spirit of God walked with us every step of the way, ahead of us clearing the way, around us giving us strength, behind us holding us up by his mighty hand and rejoicing over us in every moment of joy. And so today we say Hello 2022! I pray it will be filled with all the fullness of God every step of the way! Happy New Year friends and family! God's got this!

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