Sunday, October 23, 2022


Do you sometimes feel like you are stuck? There was a popular song, back in the day called "Stuck in the Middle with You." There are times in our lives we all feel like we aren't moving forward. Midweek, midlife, midway, sometimes being in the middle of something can seem tiring, difficult or even impossible. I'm not sure in light of eternity there is a middle with God but I do know that his word tells us not to give up in those times but to keep going and doing good. He even promises a reward at the end of whatever season we are going through. Plus huge bonus we aren't alone! If we feel stuck we are "Stuck with God." He sticks with us to the end, giving us the strength and stamina to make it through even the hardest situations we face. Isn't that awesome news! Have a great day everyone and remember you are greatly loved!

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