Tuesday, July 21, 2020


Feeling a little beat up lately? It's almost as if there's someone with boxing gloves on following us around throwing blows to our minds. Take this (coronavirus), take this (loss of income) take this (kids can't go to school), take this (riots and violence), well you get the picture. And if that isn't bad enough we are guilty of beating ourselves up. Have you ever thought to yourself, it's all my fault? I know I have, a million times over. Just last night I looked down and there was a line of ants marching right inside my house. One of those vicious little creatures actually bit me. I found the source, killed every one but then as I was walking away itching like crazy from the bite I had this thought, well it's all my fault. My fault? I should have gotten an exterminator, I should have cleaned the floor better, I should have...

I'm in no way suggesting that we shouldn't take responsibility for our own actions but here I was taking responsibility for the actions of an ant. God's word makes it very clear that the devil is out to destroy us but sometimes I think we help him out with his job. We can be our own worst enemy. God's word also makes it clear that there is NO condemnation to those that are in Christ Jesus. (Romans 8) God is not pointing a finger of accusation at you, don't point that finger at yourself. Is there something in your life you are beating yourself up for? I encourage you to take it God. Ask him for forgiveness if needed. Ask him to show you the real enemy. Then pray and be on your way loved and faultless. You are greatly loved! ❤️

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