Monday, July 20, 2020


How many of you are tired of being blasted with an overload of information? It's coming at us from every direction. Facts and more facts about everything, then more facts to dispute those facts. And all that knowledge is causing more confusion than providing answers. What are we to believe? There is a great quote by Billy Graham that is a good reminder for us today. "Knowledge is horizontal. Wisdom is vertical; it comes down from above." If we ever needed wisdom I believe we need it now. There is nothing wrong with having knowledge. God instructs us to get knowledge and understanding but first and foremost to get wisdom. Wisdom is the God given ability to apply knowledge. He promises to guide us in that wisdom. I think we would all agree our world needs that guidance today. We need it, our leaders need it and the entire world needs it. And just how do we get that wisdom? We simply ask for it and when we do God has promised he will supply it to us generously! None of this a little dab will do ya or just a pinch. No he will pour it out in abundance. We will find ourselves making wise choices and decisions and knowing what to dismiss and what to store up. The next time you see or hear a report take a moment and ask God to give you wisdom. He wants you to be wise! You are greatly loved! ❤️

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