Monday, July 13, 2020


I believe wisdom (God's wisdom) is a precious gift from God. While having a conversation with a friend recently I said there is a difference in fear and wisdom. As believers sometimes we get caught up in in the faith vs fear mindset and forget that there is also wisdom. We know fear isn't from God. He makes that very clear. We know that we are to live by faith and God even tells us he is pleased when we do. His word instructs us to ask for wisdom and promises he will give it to us in abundance. I believe more than ever we need God's wisdom. These are very difficult days. It's almost as if a virus of insanity has been unleashed on our world in addition to the unseen Covid19. It's not a time to be fearful. It is a time to remain strong in our faith. But it is also a time to ask God for wisdom. God knows and has the answers. He doesn't give us a spirit of fear but he doesn't just stop there. He gives us love and power and a SOUND MIND! If ever we needed a sound mind it's now. I pray you have a blessed week and are filled with the wisdom of God! You are greatly loved! ❤️

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