Friday, July 10, 2020

Flowers in the Covid Dessert

Lately are you feeling a little like you're stranded in the middle of some kind of lonely Covid dessert? You can see people in the distance but you can't get too close to them. For me it seems like I'm caught up in some kind of dust cloud that has blanketed the entire world. No one has a clear picture of the what, the how and the when it will lift. It would be enough to make one lose hope except of course, you guessed it, God! Never underestimate our great God and the human spirit. God has placed survival in the heart of man and one of the ways some of us have survived being stranded at home is working the land. Well, maybe that's a stretch but we've spent time in our yards growing and planting beautiful flowers and plants. I've enjoyed seeing posts with pictures of everyone's beautiful gardens. It seems that the flowers are just showing off this year. And we shouldn't be surprised. God's word tells us that he will make the dessert and the wilderness sing and burst forth in blooms. Isaiah 35:1 He goes on to say, take courage, he is on his way to make things right and to save us! And in the meantime he makes this dessert place we find ourselves in break forth with his beauty. I hope you have a chance today to enjoy it and when you do I pray every flower reminds you he is at work! You are greatly loved!

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