Friday, July 17, 2020


"Adulting" is a fairly new phrase many young people use to describe meeting all the responsibilities that come with being an adult. I doubt Peter Pan would have ever allowed anyone in Never Never Land to use that phrase. No matter what your age sometimes you just need a break from being grown up! And you know what else? I feel like God is saying permission granted!
It reminded me that Jesus said in order to inherit the kingdom of God we must all become like children. (Matthew 18) Simply put, I believe God is telling us to keep it simple. Things in our world are pretty complicated right now yet children are still being children. I love the laughter of my grandchildren when their dads tickle them. It's pure joy. Children are not worried that their needs will be met. They are trusting their parents will do whatever it takes to meet those needs. They know who to look to when there is something they don't yet know how to do and never hesitate to ask for help. They have faith in the ability of their parents. They lay down and sleep peacefully without a care in this world knowing they are safe and secure. They aren't worried about the future. They just enjoy today. Is God giving us permission to stop adulting? Not at all, but he given us permission to be his child. We can live our lives with joy and expectancy, faith that he will meet our needs, freedom from worry and fear and most of all with the security of knowing it's all in his hands. Have a wonderful day friends! Permission granted! You are greatly loved! ❤️

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