Thursday, July 30, 2020


This is part 4 of the message I shared 2 months after my husband passed away, Uncommon Focus – How to keep your focus when your world is shattered. My notes are unedited and God has brought much healing in my life in the past 4 years.

This is what God spoke to my heart in response to my desire to do Grief God’s way…Make a demand on me. Make a demand on my promises. On who I am. I’m here for you. Ask me for help. God is near to the brokenhearted. God is near to us all the time! God is near to you! The Holy Spirit is here! With us right now, every moment of our lives. He said, Sherry, I’m your comforter. Make a demand on me. When the tears are uncontrollable and I was consumed with grief, I learned to say God, you are my comforter, I need you. And he came and calmed me down and filled my heart with the peace that passes understanding. When I felt like I couldn’t go on another minute or I just can’t do it…He is my strengthener. I’m learning I can do things I never thought I could do. When I need wisdom, He gives me wisdom. No matter what you are going through…Make a demand on God. He wants you to. He is waiting for you to ask! Whatever you are going through…go through it God’s way! You are greatly loved!

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