Wednesday, July 29, 2020


Do you know that you have a call on your life? Not just a small, insignificant call but a HUGE, GOD sized call. It’s bigger than you can imagine and greater than you will probably ever know. You are destined for impact! To impact lives that is, to make a difference in this world…a great big God sized dent in the universe! No one knew this better than Lawrence Miller. He knew his calling. Without a moment’s hesitation he would tell you he was called to help our pastor, Pastor Jeff, build our church and that meant to do whatever Pastor Jeff needed. He worked fearlessly and tirelessly until the day he died doing that. When he got so sick, he couldn’t be at church to serve him anymore he prayed for him.

Often times when tragedy or difficulties come, we think our calling is to deal with them. No, that’s God’s job! Our job is to continue to do what God has called us to do! We can always share God’s love with others no matter what we are going through. Lawrence is my hero. He took every opportunity to share God’s love and wisdom to everyone in the hospital. Many times, once I was able to go home in the evenings the first thing he would say when I walked through the door in the morning was not how he was feeling that day or what the doctors said but it would be about how he had the opportunity to share God’s love with someone. You might be saying but

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